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Support good journalism

Modi government has made mainstream media a tool for their propaganda and legitimizing hate against the minorities. If we do not support good journalism, I am afraid that it might die, so I call for citizens to step in and support media which does not spread hate and bigotry, and even take risks and speak against the government.

I list here some Indian news websites or journalist channels and request you to support them financially.

Criteria to be in the list:

  • No communal poison.

  • Committed to reporting the truth even if it goes against the government or corporates.

  • Not backed up or funded by the government.

  • Accessible via the Tor Network.


Non-Indian Media


Human Rights Organizations

YouTube Channels

Rather than watching these channels on YouTube, watch them on Newpipe or FreeTube app.

Removed From The List

These were listed earlier but removed from the list:

  • Dainik Bhaskar for publishing this column by Chetan Bhagat mocking people who are believing that Kashmir Files is a propaganda movie.

  • The Print for this tweet.